Classes - Allegro Ballet Academy
Ballet classes in McCandless, Ross Township, Wexford, and surrounding areas. Allegro Ballet Academy is Pittsburgh's premier ballet studio
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First Steps (ages 4-6) 45 min once a week
Ballet I (ages 6-8) 60 min once a week
Ballet II (ages 8-10) 60 min twice a week
Ballet III (ages 10-12) 75 min twice a week
Intermediate (ages 12-14) 90 min twice a week
Advanced (ages 12 & up) 90 min three times a week
Repertoire (ages 10 & up) 45 min once a week
Instructor Allie, Ballet I group


Beginner 20 min once a week
Intermediate 30 min once a week
Advanced 30 min twice a week
Adult Group Pointe


Ages 8 & up 60 min once a week

Private Lessons

Ages 10 & up 60 to 90 minutes, by appointment
Instructor Allie, Advanced group

Adult Ballet

Beginner 60 min once a week
Intermediate/Advanced 90 min twice a week
Pointe 30 min twice a week
Ballet III group
Classes must have a minimum of 5 students to proceed. If enrollment falls below 5 students, classes will be combined with other level at the director’s discretion.